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Home News Bollywood Industry The stage is set for Hussain Kuwajerwala's Bollywood debut

The stage is set for Hussain Kuwajerwala's Bollywood debut

By Mid-Day | April 20, 2013, 3:26pm IST
Summary: For Hussain Kuwajerwala's debut film, the cast and crew rehearsed their scenes just like staging a play.

Prepping for his upcoming film for Hussain Kuwajerwala was just like doing homework before staging a play. Sources say that the actor, who is making his Bollywood debut along with director Rajesh Bachchani, decided to participate in extensive rehearsals before moving to actual locations to start the shoot.

Insiders say their rehearsals were so thorough that by the end of four months, every cast member knew their moves, dialogues and reactions by heart. It even helped boost the confidence levels of the actors.

Says Hussain, "It was like a huge theatre production where you practise and rehearse so much to make sure there is no scope for error. And our shoot too was like a live performance. We were done almost within a month."

In fact, sources say that it was only after mock-shooting certain portions in real-life locations that these venues were finalised for the film.

Says Bachchani, "Wherever we shot, a crowd would collect. But we were always fast in winding up the shot in record time and would move out even before onlookers realised anything."

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