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Home News Bollywood Daily Emraan Hashmi bans Mahesh Bhatt

Emraan Hashmi bans Mahesh Bhatt

By FNN | February 2, 2012, 8:32am IST

Emraan Hashmi bans Mahesh BhattThe actor has requested his uncle and mentor to stay off the sets of his next

Emraan Hashmi has banned Mahesh Bhatt from coming on the sets of Raaz 3: The Third Dimension, especially during the shoot of the climax scene. Reason: He fears that his uncle cum mentor who is a compulsive tweeter may write something about the climax of the film and reveal the suspense.

A source close to Emraan says, "Raaz 3 is the Bhatt's much-anticipated next. It is also the homecoming of Vikram Bhatt who directed the first film in the trilogy. Since it's a horror mystery, Emraan and Vikram are extra careful about keeping things under wraps."

The source adds, "Emraan is well aware of his uncle's habit of tweeting anything and everything. In the past too Bhatt has tweeted stuff about his movies that was not supposed to be revealed.

This time Emraan doesn't want to take any chance. So as a precautionary measure he has requested his uncle to stay away from the sets."

The actor confirms, "We have to be extra cautious because we are shooting a horror film with elements of suspense. Like how other people are trigger happy, Bhatt saab is tweet happy. And if he tweets something which is not supposed to be revealed it can spoil the suspense.

We have requested him to keep his habit under check. So that we can shoot in peace without worrying." How has the Bhatt Sr responded to the instruction? "Very sportingly! He understands it perfectly."

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