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Home News Bollywood Daily Mukesh Bhatt's roadmap for Vishesh Films at Murder 3 First Look Launch

Mukesh Bhatt's roadmap for Vishesh Films at Murder 3 First Look Launch

By FNN | January 8, 2013, 3:28pm IST
Summary: Mukesh Bhatt chalks out the future of Vishesh Films; Says daughter Sakshi will chair as Producer and Vishesh as Director.

Bhatt family is all lined up for young faces to take over in 2013. Mukesh Bhatt has led Vishesh Films for past 27 years. He has one daughter named Sakshi and a son Vishesh. Vishesh Films was named after him in 1986.

This year is special as his son Vishesh is all set to take over the reins of Vishesh Films as the director of "Murder 3". Murder 3 stars Randeep Hooda, Aditi Rao Hydari and Sara Loren in the leading roles.

At the first look launch of "Murder 3" Mukesh Bhatt said:

"This has been a very special year for Vishesh Films as we have completed 25 years in the industry. I am extremely proud that my son Vishesh is debuting as a director with Murder 3, and soon my daughter Sakshi too, who has completed her education overseas, will take my chair as a producer."

He added:

"Alia is the latest Bhatt family member to have made her acting debut in the industry. So now generation next is all set to take over Vishesh Films and this is this is the greatest feeling for me and Mahesh. It gives you immense pleasure to see your kids doing really well. I am very happy that our next generation has inherited this talent."

Q: Why Randeep Hooda replaced Emraan Hashmi in "Murder 3" ?

A: Vishesh Bhatt: We have not replaced anyone. We felt Randeep was the best choice for Murder 3. If you miss Emraan Hasmi in the film, let me know. I don't think you will miss Emraan as Randeep was the perfect choice. When we make films with Emraan, people ask me why we have him in almost every film of ours. Now that we don’t, people are asking why he isn't featuring in the film. It's all about who suits the role. When I was writing Jannat, it was meant for Emraan and so he did that film.

Mahesh Bhatt on atrocities against women

In the light of the recent incidents, many people have spoken about my films and how they have a hand in provoking some people but I have never portrayed women as a commodity. Like in Arth, we showed women who deconstructed the institution of marriage. Zakhm was about women who chose to stay outside marriage. And In Murder, it was about a woman who decided to fulfill her desires as her husband was not giving her what she was looking for. Our film Murder has not treated women like a commodity. Our new offering Murder 3 shows women of today.

Randeep Hooda on being chosen for "Murder 3"

I am lucky to have been spotted by Vishesh Films, which has shown faith in me. Murder 3 will take you to another level and funnily enough I agree with the film’s tagline - This Valentine... Love will be murdered. Expect something very different!

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