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What was Priyanka talking about?

By FNN | February 2, 2012, 8:33am IST

What was Priyanka talking about?Shah Rukh Khan and the actress were spotted deep in conversation before he and Shirish Kunder clashed

What was Priyanka talking about?There's more from Bollywood's current biggest talking point the bash that turned into a battlefield for Shah Rukh Khan and Shirish Kunder. And it involves Priyanka Chopra!

Apparently at the party thrown to celebrate Sanjay Dutt's Agneepath success, SRK and PC spent some time together alone. The two sat for a while in a corner table. As it was in the wee hours, a lot of guests had left the bash.

And those who were around let them have a quiet table to themselves. But in the wake of the buzz about PC and SRK's close bonding, onlookers noticed the duo all by themselves. Later PC left and after a while the SRK-Shirish fracas occured.

Both the stars had arrived at the Juhu nightspot after attending an awards event. They arrived separately. But once at the venue, King Khan and Piggy Chops chatted animatedly for a while.

Says a source, "They spoke at least for 15 minutes. As they had arrived only after 3.30 am, many guests had left. And those who were still around preferred to keep a distance from their table."

Adds the source, "It appeared that both were in deep conversation. Later they both got up, exchanged pleasantries with the rest and Priyanka left the venue while SRK remained."

Though there has been buzz that PC was present when the SRK-Shirish incident occurred, the source maintains that the actress had stepped out by then.

"What transpired between the actress and Shah Rukh is not known but it appeared that they had lots to talk about," maintains the source. So what was it that PC told SRK? The mystery continues.

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