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Home News Bollywood Daily Tena Desae got badly burnt while shooting for her film in Pune

Tena Desae got badly burnt while shooting for her film in Pune

By Mid-Day | April 29, 2013, 12:21pm IST
Summary: Tena Desae was injured while shooting with Neil Nitin Mukesh for Manish Vatsalya's film.

The shooting of the climax scenes was on in Pune which involved running through a blaze. Tena ended up with burn injuries.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital where the doctors have advised her complete bed rest. She has also taken a break from shooting for as she is unable to wear her costumes due to the severity of the burns.

Vatsalya comments, "It is very unfortunate that Tena got injured on the sets. All our prayers are with her and we wish her a speedy recovery. As of right now, all she needs is rest."

Neil who is still shaken by the ordeal comments, "I'm glad Tena is safe. It was really scary for a minute. There was utter panic all around with people running haywire. Luckily, the fire was immediately extinguished and Tena was rushed to the hospital. I visited her and she seems to be better."

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