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Home News Bollywood Daily Playboy shoot was the best decision of my life: Sherlyn Chopra

Playboy shoot was the best decision of my life: Sherlyn Chopra

By Mid-Day | April 26, 2013, 10:10pm IST
Summary: The starlet Sherlyn Chopra says she has no regrets whatsoever about going nude for the American men's magazine.

She just shot for an episode of MTV Splitsvilla and compared to the open space outside, her green room seems rather congested. Sherlyn Chopra who is slated to co-host the upcoming season -- after continuously standing under the sun for about an hour in front of the camera and contestants --- is in her relax mode though.

However, the model-turned-actress maintains a healthy balance between being cautious and being sassy when she begins to talk. In a rather frank chat, she spills the beans on her film career, dabbling in television and life in general.

Do you consider yourself a controversial figure?

(Pauses) No, not at all. On the contrary, I think I'm a very boring person. I go to work, cover long shifts without a sound, come back from work and then repeat the routine. I don't have a sex life nor do I go out and chill like others do. Doesn't that sound boring? (smiles)

How do your family react to your choices in your career? Do they have a say?

They don't have a say as such in what I do or don't do. I basically make my own decisions. However, they are in good faith with me. Whenever I fly to Hyderabad to meet my mom, she's very warm to me. I choose to believe that she's genuine and things are all right between us.

Your recent decision to strip for Playboy... did it help your career or did it backfire?

You can see it for yourself. We wouldn't be having this interview here if it had backfired. The very reason I got to host a youth-oriented show like Splitsvilla is because of Playboy. It means that I'm accepted and there's nothing to be prude about. In fact, I can tell you that doing the Playboy covershoot was the best decision of my life.

What is the greatest challenge you face while hosting?

While hosting a TV show, spontaneity plays a huge role. You're not given specific lines and most of the stuff is done impromptu so your presence of mind is not only a prerequisite but also a constant challenge.

What's happening on the Bollywood front?

I'm doing this film called Kamasutra 3D which is going to hit the floor in June. So I'm excited about it. As of now, I'm reading a couple of scripts and taking my time to choose my next project. I don't want to play second fiddle or do an item number just for the sake of visibility. I know I have in me to compete with the best of bests in Bollywood. All I need to do is be patient.

Do you think having a godfather is a must for someone from a non-filmi background?

Well, to each her own. If you don't have a mind and an identity of your own, then yes, godfather helps a lot. But if you are someone like me who likes to do things her own way, then godfather better not exist. In my world, papas don't preach (winks).

Does media speculation surrounding your life bother you at all?

Initially, it used to trouble me a lot. But eventually, I learned that I've got the choice to overlook certain things that are written about me. More often than not, you see these hetero-suggestions made on how I lead my life and stuff. What can I do? So I just roll my eyes and reject them.

Lastly, what do you enjoy more -- acting or hosting?

Both actually. The only difference is I get to be somebody else when I'm acting in a film whereas while I'm hosting, what you see is entirely me.

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