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Home News Bollywood Daily Sajid Khan steps out after 'Himmatwala' debacle

Sajid Khan steps out after 'Himmatwala' debacle

By Mid-Day | April 26, 2013, 10:16pm IST
Summary: The director who has remained incommunicado was spotted in Bhopal catching up with buddy Ajay Devgn.

Sajid Khan, who has gone into hibernation after the debacle of Himmatwala, was recently spotted in Bhopal. The director was in the city of lakes to catch up with buddy Ajay Devgn who is shooting there for Prakash Jha's film.

Says a source, "Sajid was in Bhopal for a day. He however did not meet Devgn on the sets but in his hotel. He met him in his hotel room to avoid any unwanted attention."

The director had also visited the actor last month when the first schedule of the film was on. Adds the source, "Sajid is extremely close to Ajay. In his difficult time, he is spending time with his near and dear ones. He is extremely hurt but he will bounce back soon."

Sajid has not made a public appearance since the film's verdict was out and has remained incommunicado.

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