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Home News Bollywood Daily Kareena to shoot for HEROINE from Nov 25

Kareena to shoot for HEROINE from Nov 25

By FNN | November 8, 2011, 5:10pm IST

Kareena to shoot for HEROINE from Nov 25After being part of hits like 3 Idiots, Bodyguard and Ra.One, Kareena Kapoor is now focusing all her energy on Madhur Bhandarkar's ambitious project HEROINE. Bebo to shoot for the film from Nov 25 and it certainly will be quite a demanding shooting schedule.

Kareena to shoot for HEROINE from Nov 25 Considering that Kareena has an author-backed role, the actress has refrained from taking on other projects and is completely devoting her time towards Heroine. The film is also being seen as a chance for Bebo to bag the prestigious National Award. After all, Madhur's heroines be it Tabu (Chandni Bar) or Priyanka Chopra (Fashion) have bagged the coveted National Award.

Kareena to shoot for HEROINE from Nov 25Madhur too seems all excited that his dream project is finally happening. The Director (Madhur Bhandarkar) tweeted, "HEROINE principal photography to commence from End Nov, Salim - Suleiman to score music for the film 'Heroine'... Music sitting starts today!!!"

Kareena to shoot for HEROINE from Nov 25

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