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Home News Bollywood Daily Kareena's illness is Imran's ticket to a Happy Holi

Kareena's illness is Imran's ticket to a Happy Holi

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 3:56pm IST
Makes last minute Holi party plans as shooting gets cancelled because of Bebo's ill health Imran Khan has Kareena Kapoor to thank for letting him have a Holi party this year. The actor has been shooting round the clock for two films Yashraj's Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Dharma Production's Short Term Shaadhi (STS). However, Thursday evening his STS co-star Bebo fell unwell. Because of it the shoot had to be cancelled. Imran who had no plans initially, jumped the gun and decided to organise a Holi party for friends at his Bandra pad. A source reveals, "Imran loves to play Holi. It's one of his favourite festivals. But due to his back to back shoots, he had given up on celebrating the festival this year. When he got the news that his shoot for the Dharma film got cancelled due to Kareena falling ill. He checked on her health status, as the two have got extremely fond of each other during the shoot. After that he decided to plan a last minute Holi party." Imran immediately sent out text messages to all his close friends and asked them to come over for dinner. Says Imran, "I've been really busy off late, so when I got a day off, all I could think of was to celebrate Holi." The surprise chutti will also give time to the actor to be with his family on a festival.

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