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Vidya gets a foodie fan

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 3:51pm IST
MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston invited Vidya Balan out to brunch After being honoured by the Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle during her recent trip Down Under, the actress was pleasantly surprised to receive a brunch invitation from Preston. Bonding in Bondi The two shared a meal at Bondi's renowned Iceberg Bistro where they chatted about cinema and gourmet food. Matt also gifted Vidya a recipe book as he knew of the star's penchant for cooking. High praise Says a source, " Matt is a big fan of Bollywood cinema and immediately extended a brunch invitation to Vidya when he realised that she was in town for an event. Not only did he praise her calling her one of the finest actresses but also promised to teach her a trick or two about cooking." The actress jumped at the offer on condition that Matt would teach her some gourmet vegetarian fare. "Vidya is a pure vegetarian and loves cooking herself Matt obliged to teach her a few dishes and the two spoke about movies for quite a while" adds the source. Vidya was in Australia for the 2011 Indian Film Festival: Bollywood and Beyond, where her films are being showcased. Who is Matt Preston? Matt Preston is an award-winning food journalist, restaurant critic, and television presenter. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he has dedicated his life to tracking down the interesting stories behind the food we eat and the people who cook it. And in the process piling on the kilos. He is known the world over as a judge on MasterChef Australia.

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