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Home News Bollywood Daily 'Vidya Balan can't cook!'

'Vidya Balan can't cook!'

By Mid-Day | April 22, 2013, 2:47pm IST
Summary: Brother-in-law Kunaal Roy Kapur says that while Vidya is extremely family-oriented, she lacks in her cooking skills.

Vidya Balan may have a very homely image in B-Town but apparently the newly-married lady can't cook!

Vids' brother-in-law Kunaal Roy Kapur says that while the actress is extremely family-oriented, she lacks in her cooking skills.

The actor says, "She can't cook. Not that it's important for a woman to cook..."

Kunaal says that when the family meets every weekend, the actress' B-Town commitments become a topic of conversation.

The actor says, "Vidya is like just another regular person who likes to talk about her work. And she is equally passionate about her family."

According to her bro-in-law, Vidya puts her family before anything else. Says Kunaal, "That is what I admire about her because she has not let anything (including her awards) go to her head."

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