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Hidden Cameras to catch Aditya Roy Kapoor in Action

By Mid-Day | April 19, 2013, 4:11pm IST

Hidden cameras were used to film a real-life concert scene for Aditya Roy Kapoor's upcoming film 'Aashiqui 2'.

When Aditya Roy Kapoor joined the music band Orion for a live performance a few months ago in Bandra, little did the gathered crowd know it was actually for a film scene. Makers of Aditya's next recorded the entire event to use the same footage in the film.

Aditya plays a rockstar in the film that co-stars Shraddha Kapoor. A source says, "We took the required permissions to shoot at the amphitheatre in Bandra and chose to hide our cameras to film the natural reaction of the audience present there. The concert shot is one of the important scenes in the film."

Insiders say that Aditya, who already knew of the real reason why the cameras were focussing on him, was apparently nervous to sing in public.

The source adds, "But in the end he managed to entertain the crowd. They loved his act and were cheering for him throughout the show. It never looked like it was his first time. The scenes came out really well."

Director Mohit Suri says, "We shot at Bandstand and it was amazing to have a real crowd attend the event."

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