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Home News Bollywood Daily Varun Dhawan gets mobbed by fans at SRCC's Annual College Fest in Delhi

Varun Dhawan gets mobbed by fans at SRCC's Annual College Fest in Delhi

By FNN | March 7, 2013, 8:24pm IST

Things turned ugly on Day 3 of SRCC's annual college fest, when thousands of students gathered to see actor Varun Dhawan of 'Student Of The Year' fame.

Varun was the star attraction and was to walk the ramp as the show-stopper for the SRCC fashion society.

According to the schedule, the show was to start at 5pm, but was delayed by almost three hours. Varun entered the college after 8pm from the back gate, and his car was immediately surrounded by huge mob trying to get a glimpse. It took almost 30 minutes for the bouncers to help him get out of the car. They had to resort to some jostling to get him on stage.

He later interacted with the crowd, danced with the fashion society members and even rapped a few lines from a popular Honey Singh number. However, chaos continued as hundreds of students trying to get on stage were pushed off by the angry bouncers.

In the chaos, a boy fell off the stage and got hurt. When Varun saw this, he immediately ran to him, helped him up and got him back on stage to thundering applause from the crowd.

In the crowd too, there was a near-stampede as students were pushed back towards the barricades. Varun eventually walked the ramp, but the extras on stage forced him to exit amid a lot of security.

Here are some videos from the event:

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