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Home News Bollywood Daily Salman helped out people affected by recent Bandra blaze on hearing about it!

Salman helped out people affected by recent Bandra blaze on hearing about it!

By FNN | March 10, 2011, 9:50pm IST
Though he wasn't in Mumbai at the time, Salman Khan swung into action as soon as he heard about the destruction caused by the Bandra blaze. Through his Being Human foundation, he arranged for the distribution of food packets and clothing to around 1,500 people who lost their homes. Says a source, "Salman wasted no time in rushing relief. He was extremely concerned about what had happened. As soon as he realised the magnitude of the loss, he told his volunteers to get going." Adds the source, "He was not keen to publicise that the aid was from Salman Khan. Several of the blaze hit, however, only later realised that it was from the star! They couldn't help thanking him then." Adds the source, "Bhai does not want to talk about it. But those close to him know how he coordinated the relief measures within hours of the tragedy. He was even more concerned as it happened in Bandra a place where he resides." The star, who's has been shooting in Thailand for Ready, had flown into Vizag over the weekend for the Celebrity Cricket League curtain raiser event. After which he was back in Bangkok. But he kept in touch with the volunteers about the relief measures.

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