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Ajay goes smart and classy for Tezz

By FNN | March 10, 2011, 9:51pm IST
Ajay Devgn has gone for a smart, classy look in Ratan Jain's Tezz. Styled by Navin Shetty, AJ has ditched the flamboyant checks and bright colours for dark earthy colours. Says Jain, "Tezz is an action thriller revolving around a bomb in a train traveling from London. We have shot the film in London, Birmingham and Scotland. Ajay plays a businessman married to Kangna Ranaut. He lands up in jail for defaulting on his dues. When he comes out he goes against certain things in the system. Anil Kapoor plays a cop." Though the buzz is that Devgn turns into a terrorist in the film, Jain decides to say anything else about the character. Navin Shetty says, "Director Priyadarshan gave me a brief on Ajay's character in Tezz saying he didn't want anything fancy but more realistic - someone who will blend with the crowd. Ajay plays a father of a child and the film is set against a grey London winter so we have give Ajay's character an earthy look. He has a moustache and faint stubble. The colours are grey, brown, rust and khaki. We have played with the cut and the colours while the fabrics used have been wool and leather with lots of scarves and headgears. The effect is simple, realistic, smart and classy." Tezz is said to be a remake of the Japanese crime thriller Shinkansen Daibakuha (1975) which had inspired the Hollywood film Speed. Ratan Jain says, "Tezz is not a remake of Speed or the Japanese film. We have almost bought the rights of Shinkansen Daibakuha but Tezz is inspired by it and is not a remake."

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