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Home News Bollywood Daily Kapur's Watery Focus Costs Him Cruz's 'Passion'!

Kapur's Watery Focus Costs Him Cruz's 'Passion'!

By FNN | March 10, 2011, 9:32pm IST
Her dreams were being watered down. Or so, felt Spanish bombshell Penelope Cruz as she handed over her ambitious venture 'Passion India,' reportedly, to another director leaving Shekhar Kapur a mite distressed. Apparently, it was Kapur's single minded dedication to his own opus 'Paani' that cost him Cruz's project. Four years back, Cruz had acquired the rights of award winning novelist Javier Moro's 'Passion India'. Supremely impressed with his craft in 'Elizabeth', Shekhar Kapur was entrusted with the flick in early 2010. However, Cruz later felt that Kapur had sidelined her venture to concentrate solely on his futuristic water centric 'Paani' toplining Hrithik Roshan and 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart. The flick was to be filmed in India and Spain, though no official contract had been signed between Kapur and Cruz. Says a highly placed source, "That way, Kapur's ouster from the project wasn't such a jolt for him. Penelope felt that after she had entrusted 'Passion India' to him, he wasn't committed or interested enough in it. So, she decided to approach other directors for 'Passion India.' In all likelihood, a top Hollywood filmmaker will soon be finalised." Meanwhile, the mediavine is abuzz with news that Kapur is all set to announce a movie penned by Michael Hirst, with Cate Blanchett in the lead seat. Incidentally, the project was first offered to Cruz, as per insiders...

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