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Home News Bollywood Daily Faithful Imran Topples Casanova Ranbir; Bags Rs. 6 Crore Brand Fee!

Faithful Imran Topples Casanova Ranbir; Bags Rs. 6 Crore Brand Fee!

By FNN | March 10, 2011, 9:32pm IST
Mr. Steady scores over Casanova… and Clean Chit gained victory over Philandering Lover. Or so, went the arguments of top honchos associated with a telecom company. Word has it that Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were both shortlisted as probable brand ambassadors. However, character scored over romantic fickleness… and ladies and gentlemen… please put your hands together… as Imran Khan emerges the winner in this brand round!! The entire campaign revolved around a yuppie with a reliable character. And reportedly, Imry's faithful bond with Avantinka Malik, his girl friend of over seven years, who's now graduated to being his spouse, bagged him the winning note. And it totally wrecked the chances of Ranby who allegedly dumped Deepika Padukone to court Katrina Kaif and really didn't mind giving the glad eye to a certain Nargis Fakhri too… As per insiders, Imry's 'Good Boy' image has lavished him with a hold your bated breath… Rs. six crore endorsement fee. He's guffawing all the way to his bank… with Avantika beaming alongside. Meanwhile, we're assuming Ranby got the drift this time…

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