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Home News Bollywood Daily After Bigg Boss, Pooja Missra turns item girl

After Bigg Boss, Pooja Missra turns item girl

By FNN | February 17, 2012, 1:01pm IST

After Bigg Boss, Pooja Missra turns item girlShe grabbed eye balls on reality show 'Bigg Boss' with her loud-mouthed act and now model-VJ Pooja Missra hopes to enter Bollywood with her item number in the film 'Baaja Baja Dunga'.

With her dancing skills on display in the new item song, Pooja is hoping to give competition to 'Munni Badnam' and 'Chikni Chameli'. "I am doing an item number in Baaja Baja Dunga. It was a great experience shooting the song as I love dancing.

I think item numbers are the new in-thing and the best way to promote a film. "I don't find anything wrong in doing an item number as a lot of top notch actresses are doing it. I hope this song proves to be the next 'Chikini Chameli' or 'Munni Badnam'," Pooja told PTI on the sidelines of the ongoing Wills India Fashion Week.

Clad in a red and black saree, Pooja walked the ramp for designer Chandrani Siingh Flora on the second day of the fashion extravaganza. "It felt great walking the ramp for Chandrani. She made me look perfect, a little edgy and unconventional like I was in Bigg Boss.

I enjoy modeling and there are a lot of other projects I am being offered," sid Pooja. Talking about her Bigg Boss stint, which saw Pooja at loggerheads with other contestants on the show, she said that her portrayal on the show has impacted her real life as well. "The way I was shown in Bigg Boss is nothing like my real self. I am a very calm and composed person in real life.

"I have got mixed reactions since I came out of the house. There have been times when security people at the airport have tried to pick fights with me. But I just laugh and walk off. Initially it felt sad seeing this kind of attitude from people but I don't pay attention now."

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