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Home News Bollywood Daily Is Salman Khan behind Mahek Chahal's defiance in Bigg Boss?

Is Salman Khan behind Mahek Chahal's defiance in Bigg Boss?

By FNN | November 1, 2011, 7:55pm IST
Summary: Mahek Chahal thinks she cannot be evicted this week too... What do you think?

This may be the third time Norway-based model and actress Mahek Chahal has been nominated for eviction in the reality show Bigg Boss. But going by her attitude and utterances on the show, many believe the channel would not evict her because of her closeness to Salman Khan.

Mahek, who was reported to have bagged her films Wanted and Main Aur Mrs Khanna as well as her entry in Bigg Boss with the superstar's recommendations, could emerge plain lucky out of association once again.

Her downright defiance about being evicted from the reality show, reflects how strong a candidate she believes she is. When Mahek was nominated this week, she rebelliously announced to the other Housemates that she isn't worried. "Harr hafte (nominate) karo, aur (main) harr hafte chapaat doongi tum logon ke mooh par.... jin logon ne nominate kiya hai," she claimed.

"Har hafte aise hi, jab main rahoongi, unka hi chehra neeche hoga," Mahek added. Her over-confidence clearly goes to show that she indeed thinks she cannot be evicted this week too. What can we say but that some people are indeed lucky!

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