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Home News Bollywood Daily Saif Ali Khan finds his girl

Saif Ali Khan finds his girl

By Mid-Day | April 29, 2013, 2:17pm IST
Summary: 'Barfi!' actress Ileana D'cruz will romance Saif in his next home production.

Ileana D'cruz will romance Saif Ali Khan in his next home production to be directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK. The duo have also wielded the directorial baton for Go Goa Gone which is also Saif's production.

A source informs, "It was during the making of Go Goa Gone that directors Raj and DK had spoken about their next project. Saif loved the idea of a romantic film.

It will be shot in the USA and Saif agreed to produce the film under his banner. However the leading girl was not finalised and everyone at the production house was of the opinion that they needed a fresh pair with Saif after Cocktail. The audience had loved Diana Penty with Saif. One of the crewmembers suggested Ileana's name."

Saif confirmed the news but refused to divulge any further details.

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