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Home News Bollywood Daily Shabana Muzaffar Ali mourns death of Shahryar

Shabana Muzaffar Ali mourns death of Shahryar

By FNN | February 16, 2012, 8:00pm IST
The Urdu poet par excellence Shahryar whose lines resonated across Hindi cinema when he worked with Muzaffar Ali in Gaman, Umrao Jaan and Anjuman is no more.

Shabana Azmi who sang all the songs of Anjuman expresses the highest regard for Shahryar's poetic aptitudes.

Says Shabana, "He was the best Ghazal poet in present times. The words that he wrote in films were only a small part of his poetic oeuvre. He is rightly held in high regard for his poetry. I reluctantly sang in Anjuman and I got to sing some really evocative poetry. 'Ghulab jism ka yun hi nahin khila hoga hawaa ne pehle mujhe phir tujhe chooa hoga... ' How beautiful gentle and romantic were these lines! Kitna lihaaz tha unke lehze main (there was so much grace in his attitude). I was privileged to have sung these lines in Anjuman with Bhupinder."

Muzaffar Ali whose cinema was a passionate platform for Shahryar's poetry says he has lost his voice. "He was a part of my creative journey more than I was a part of his. Though I may have lost my voice, he will live on in my work and his work will live on in me."

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