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Home News Bollywood Daily Will Ali-Aditi get a call from One Day makers?

Will Ali-Aditi get a call from One Day makers?

By FNN | February 27, 2012, 7:49pm IST
Less than a week remains for the release of Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari starrer London Paris New York and it seems that there may be a controversy brewing round the corner. It has turned out that the promos have now caught the attention of regulars with Hollywood romcoms who are quick to point out similarities with Anne Hathaway starrer One Day.

"Similarities are way too in your face to be ignored. One Day was about a woman who meets her 'good friend' one day every year. Obviously they fall in love. Now LPNY has the ditto plot where Ali and Aditi see each other in these three cities every year for one day", a hardcore movie buff calls to inform.

The reason why this similarity was not noted earlier was due to One Day finding a belated release in India a couple of months ago and then disappearing in a jiffy. However now that the 'inspiration' is out in open, it has to be seen what course of action makers of both films plan to take.

"There is one way LPNY can still hope to go scot-free", says a prominent script writer, "It is set in 3 years time period while One Day dragged on for 20 years. Also, it was far more dramatic and relatively serious."

Whether this argument holds true or not is something that the production team of LPNY can be expected to be brainstorming. However if Ali is to believed, such speculations are baseless. He says, "Honestly maine One Day dekhi nahi hai isliye kuch keh nahi sakta. However when I had signed the movie then I was told that it is original. Later people started telling me that apparently there were similarities with Before Sunrise and even Hum Tum. Mujhe laga kahin aisa to nahi hai ki kuch same nikal aaye so I got the DVDs. Thankfully I discovered that aisa nahi hai. Trust me; LPNY has its own way and direction."

Sure Ali, we want to trust you on that. Now we hope the makers of One Day too feel the same.

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