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Home News Bollywood Daily Anupam Kher Celebrating his fathers death ?!

Anupam Kher Celebrating his fathers death ?!

By FNN | February 16, 2012, 8:10pm IST
Anupam and his brother Raju Kher are not mourning the death of their father Pushkarnath Kher. They are celebrating his going.

Speaking in a bright positive tone, Anupam said, "We're indeed celebrating our father's death. He lived a full life. He witnessed so many wonderful happenings during his life. He liked to spread happiness wherever he went. I'm sure he's at this very moment making everyone laugh in Heaven."

Anupam had left for Goa to attend his friend David Dhawan's son wedding when the news of his father's death reached the actor. He had to return from the Goa airport.

Chuckles Anupam, "I'm sure if my father had his way, he'd have urged me to attend the wedding instead of returning."

Recalls Anupam fondly, "My father was my greatest critic and fan. He would call up from our home-town in Simla inquiring about every snippet of news that appeared about me in Hindi and English newspapers. 'Beta, unhonein aisa kyon likha?' he'd wonder at some insignificant but nasty news item. I had to remind him to just chill."

Every morning unfailingly, Anupam made that morning call to his father to give him the lowdown on the previous day's activities. "More recently of course, my parents had moved to Mumbai to be with me and my brother. So I was relieved from the pain of missing that morning phone chat with him now when he's not available on the phone anymore," says Anupam.

Anupam Kher and his family are celebrating the death of his father. Says Anupam, "Like I said we're celebrating his death. For the condolence meeting on Monday, we've asked all our friends to please not show up in the mournful black and white clothes. Come clothed in colours please. Because that's what my father provided in our lives all his life. Lots of vibrant colours of joy and positivity. I know he's up there looking down at us. He will find a way to connect with me, just like he did even in those days of bad STD connections between Shimla and Mumbai."

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