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Home News Bollywood Movies Vidya Balan to do item song in 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'

Vidya Balan to do item song in 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'

By FNN | February 16, 2012, 7:29pm IST

Vidya Balan to do item song in 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'Vidya Balan is set to do an item number in Vidhu Vinod Chopra's upcoming flick 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'. This will be the first time that Balan, 34, performs an item track ever in a film.

"Mr. Vinod Chopra called me. He is my director. He asked me whether I wanted to do it or not. I was like I will absolutely do it," the actress said while promoting her new film 'Kahaani' at a radio station in Mumbai.

"He asked me to watch the film and hear the song first and then decide. But I would have done it anyway. "He is like a school I belong to. He respected me so much and showed me the film and the song is fun," she added.

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