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Vidyas Item Song in 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'

By FNN | February 22, 2012, 3:57pm IST

Vidyas Item Song in 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'After her stellar performance as Silk in The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan is surely on a high. The versatile actress recently shot for her first ever item song for Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Ferrari Ki Sawaari. We bring you a sneak peek of the same.

The song is a Maharashtrian lavani number called 'Mala Jau De'. Vidya is seen in a typical traditional Maharashtrian get-up. To get an authentic feel of the song, dancers from Kolhapur were arranged for and Vidya herself rehearsed for a couple of weeks before finally shooting the song.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is directed by Rajesh Mapuskar and stars Sharman Joshi in the lead role.

Vidyas Item Song in 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari'

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