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Home News Bollywood Movies Shekhar Kapur to play Kamal Haasans uncle in Vishwaroopam

Shekhar Kapur to play Kamal Haasans uncle in Vishwaroopam

By FNN | February 12, 2012, 6:35pm IST
Well known filmmaker Shekhar Kapur is seldom seen in front of the camera. However, the director will soon be seen playing Kamal Haasan's uncle in the film Vishwaroopam. The film, which also features Sonakshi Sinha as Haasan's love interest, will have Shekhar Kapur (who is just 12 years older than Kamal) playing his uncle.

What's interesting to know is that this will be the first time after Saatwan Aasman (released nearly two decades ago) that Shekhar will return to acting. This apparent return to acting has been credited to Shekhar's inquisitiveness towards exploring Kamal Haasan as an artist.

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