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Home News Bollywood Movies Asin turns 'Jungle Queen' for Ready

Asin turns 'Jungle Queen' for Ready

By FNN | March 12, 2011, 9:52pm IST
Asin could well be tagged the 'Jungle Queen' if her adventures in Ready are any indications. From hanging down the trees to fighting it out with insects of various species, Asin's tryst with the film has been anything but ordinary over all these months. Another extra ordinary encounter that Asin had was with none less than tigers, and that too with an entire horde of them. Informs a unit member who had been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that Asin was safe even though the feisty young woman insisted that she could take care of herself, "Asin turned out to be quite an adventure girl in Thailand. While shooting for the Salman Khan starrer at Kanchanaburi, Thailand, she visited the famous 'Tiger Temple' there. Though the earlier idea was for cast and crew members to just pay a quick visit and return to hotel, Asin insisted that she stayed there for a while." This is when the team of Ready saw the adventurous side of Asin. While most were content just clicking pictures of tigers which were roaming around freely (unlike zoos, the place had tigers roaming around in open), Asin went a step ahead and fed them as well. Not just that, she even played with them for a while. Of course all of this was done under supervision with guards ensuring that there was no untowardly incident. Still, not many would dare to get close to tigers but Asin did." For Asin, there were a couple of other reasons that made her stay in Kanchanaburi memorable. First and foremost, this was the place where the film Bridge on the River Kwai was shot. Secondly, the place also reminded Asin of her home state Kerala. "Since I was staying at a resort on the banks of the river Kwai, I could relive the scenes from Bridge on the River Kwai. Also, the kind of vegetation and some of the architecture in Kanchanaburi was so similar to the kind that you see in Kerala. It was like home away from home", says Asin who was happy mixing work with pleasure during her outdoor shoot for Ready. On being asked about the 'Jungle Queen' tag, she just laughed it away. "Yes, being with tigers was pretty liberating. But it was all very safe. It's just about getting rid of your mental block."

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