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Home News Bollywood Industry Neil helps Aarya Babbar land a role in Manoj Vatsalya's political thriller

Neil helps Aarya Babbar land a role in Manoj Vatsalya's political thriller

By FNN | April 18, 2013, 4:41pm IST

A call from buddy Neil Nitin Mukesh informed Aarya Babbar of his next film. Aarya Babbar landed a role in Manoj Vatsalya's film courtesy Neil Nitin Mukesh who stars in the political thriller.

Aarya, who juggles his Punjabi films with his B-Town assignments, was in for a pleasant surprise when he received a call from Neil that he would be working with him.

Both the actors have known each other for a while now. They worked together in Madhur Bhandarkar's 2009 film Jail and since then they've been very thick.

Our sources say, "Neil wanted to break the news to Aarya about them working together again."

Aarya Babbar confirmed the news saying, "I got a call from Neil and he told me about the film. At first I thought he was playing a prank on me. Usually it is the makers who approach and finalise an actor. It was the first time that a co-actor was informing me about my role rather than the production house!"

He adds, "But it was good fun to be cast in this manner. I've already started shooting. It's always good to shoot with friends."

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