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Haunted Has Good First Week

By FNN | May 13, 2011, 11:46pm IST
Haunted had a good first week as it came into its own in the weekdays with rock steady collections. The week has finished in the 14.25-14.50 crore range. Normally a film does around 50% of its weekend business on weekdays or 60% if its trending well. Here Haunted has done a huge 75% of its weekend business on weekdays. This has a little to with a low start on Friday but even allowing for that the weekday business is super strong. There is every possibility that film could be around 20 crore nett plus after week two. The approx daily breakdowns for the film in all languages is as follows. Friday - 2.15 crore Saturday - 2.65 crore Sunday - 3.30 crore Monday - 1.70 crore Tuesday - 1.65 crore Wednesday - 1.50 crore Friday - 1.35 crore TOTAL - 14.30 crore

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