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Home News Bollywood Domestic Box Office Ragini MMS Has Edge This Week At The Box Office

Ragini MMS Has Edge This Week At The Box Office

By FNN | May 13, 2011, 6:15pm IST
There will be four releases this week with Ragini MMS having the edge as it has most visibility amongst all the releases. The other three releases are Love U... Mr Kalakaar!, Shagird and Stanley Ka Dabba. Luv U...Mr Kalakaar is from the Rajshri banner who have a huge presence as far as distribution is concerned especially in places like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Bihar so the film will get a great single screen release, the multiplexes are releasing the film on limited shows. All the four releases will face competition from 2 of last week's releases which have done well, Fast & Furious 5 and Haunted in screens which have the 3D version.

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