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Home News Bollywood Daily Arjun Kapoor is possessive about his stubble

Arjun Kapoor is possessive about his stubble

By Mid-Day | April 26, 2013, 8:11pm IST
Summary: The actor is so concerned about his look that he almost refused to get rid of it for his upcoming film Aurangzeb.

When Arjun was narrated the script, he was asked to shave it off and the director had a tough time convincing him to do it.

Arjun even does not like to get clicked without his stubble. He has shot for about seven scenes without the stubble and told his crew not to click any pictures of him. He did not even allow a camera person on the sets to take his snaps during the shoot! But in those scenes, the audience will see him sans a stubble, no?

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