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Home News Bollywood Daily Why is Sonam Kapoor missing at Thank You Promos?

Why is Sonam Kapoor missing at Thank You Promos?

By FNN | March 12, 2011, 10:06pm IST
The actress is not seen in the trailers of her upcoming film Thank You The promos of Anees Bazmi's Thank You are on air, but Sonam Kapoor is missing in action. This is surprising, considering director Anees Bazmi's close relationship with Sonam and her father Anil Kapoor. But a close dissection of the situation would dish out an answer. Sonam Kapoor is dubbing for the first time in her career with Thank You and doesn't mind taking extra time to get everything right. The fact is that Sonam is dubbing her lines for the first time in her career with Thank You. All her films so far had live sound, but Thank You breaks her speaking mould. For the first time, Sonam is standing in front of a microphone in a studio, dubbing the original emotions of every scene in her lines. And the task is taking longer than she had expected. Says a source, "From Saawariya to Delhi 6 to Aisha and the most recent I hate Luv Storys had in-sync sound. This is the first time that she is trying her hand at dubbing. So she is eager to get it just right. Even though everyone else is done with their dubbing, Sonam is still at it. Until she finishes her dubbing, she cannot be featured in the promotions." Apparently, director Anees Bazmi has been sitting in with Sonam personally supervising her dubbing. When contacted, Anees tried to evade the issue. "Yes, Thank You is Sonam's first film where she's dubbing her lines. So it is taking her longer to do the job. But there is one more reason why she is not visible in the promos. Actually, there was some shooting left, which Sonam started doing yesterday. Once we are done with it, we'll release her promos."

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