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Home News Bollywood Daily Salman spotted taking long walks with Daisy Shah

Salman spotted taking long walks with Daisy Shah

By Mid-Day | April 19, 2013, 9:23pm IST
Summary: Salman Khan and his new heroine from 'Mental' have been apparently seen walking and taking bicycle rides in the lanes of Lavasa.

Even at the age of 47, Salman Khan's popularity with girls half his age, never seem to die down.

Onlookers at Lavasa, where Sallu has been shooting for his upcoming film helmed by Sohail Khan, say that the star and his heroine Daisy Shah (who is in her mid-20s) have been taking intimate walks and even going for bicycle rides during their free time.

A source from the small town close to Lonavla says, "Salman really likes spending time with Daisy these days. They go on bicycle rides during the late hours of the night."

Sallu has been known to be on rather friendly terms with most of his female co-stars. Is this the start of a new friendship? Only time will tell.

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