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Salman: I'm fine, Thank you!

By FNN | February 27, 2012, 7:02pm IST

Salman: I'm fine, Thank you!Salman Khan says he is absolutely fine after his recent health scare in Dublin during the shoot of 'Ek Tha Tiger'

Salman: I'm fine, Thank you!Back from Cuba after wrapping up a month-long schedule of his forthcoming Eid release, Salman Khan seems to have shrugged aside any sign of exhaustion. Instead, he appeared in great health and in a merry mood.

In fact, question him on his health and pat comes his reply, "I'm fine, thank you. All good." Regarding his second round of treatment for his nerve disorder, the actor says, "The reports are positive. So I'm good."

Ask him about the buzz that Cuba was included in the schedule of Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger only later so that the warmth and the sunshine there could alleviate his pain, and Salman states, "Cuba was always there in the plans. We had a great schedule. The cold weather in Ireland did aggravate the pain in my jaw earlier."

Don't ask me!

The actor whose films like Dabangg and Bodyguard have registered highest box-office collections in the last couple of years, he is not very forthcoming when you ask him about the buzz of Dabangg 2 creating a new record (Rs 48-50 crore) for satellite rights. He says, "Arbaaz is the producer and director of the Dabangg sequel. So he's the right person to talk about the movie."

On Saif

Salman who is known for his bad boy image in the industry seems upset with the reports of Saif Ali Khan's recent brawl in a South Mumbai five-star restaurant.

He rues, "Nobody asked Saif whether he got whacked first or not," adding that he knows exactly what transpired at the scene since his sister-in-law, Malaika Arora Khan and her sister Amrita Arora were also present during the incident. Salman adds, "It's always us actors who are blamed if anything wrong like this takes place."

Present at an event to promote a couple of shows on the History Channel, the actor joked about his rather poor performance in the same subject at school. He laughs and says, "I'd dread that red line under the marks (in the report card). If I could go back in history (pun intended), I'd like to get better grades in the subject."

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