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Home News Bollywood Daily Meera's Rs 2 million watch for fiance stolen from home

Meera's Rs 2 million watch for fiance stolen from home

By FNN | February 22, 2012, 2:53pm IST

Meera's Rs 2 million watch for fiance stolen from homeMeera has been robbed of a watch worth 2 million Pakistani rupees, which she had brought as a gift for her fiance.

The Pakistani actress recently got engaged to Pakistani-American pilot Naveed Shahzad.

A duty officer at DHA's B-Section Police Station said on Tuesday that an application has been filed on behalf of the star, stating that the watch had been stolen from her house, the Nation reported.

She had recently announced her retirement from the Pakistan film industry in an interview, and said that she wants to work on a new image of herself by working with productions outside the Lollywood circle.

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