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Home News Bollywood Music Vir Das composes a comedy soundtrack for the country's overweight men

Vir Das composes a comedy soundtrack for the country's overweight men

By FNN | March 29, 2013, 2:41pm IST

Now this one will have you in splits! Vir Das and his music band have composed a song for overweight men around the country, especially the ones who sport man-b**bs.

Apparently, the lean singer-actor felt sympathy for the country's innumerable "fat men" who find it embarrassing to shake their leg on the dance floor.

Our source says, "The song sends out the message that if you have manb**bs, you're still a dude! Vir has composed as well as sung the comedy rock track."

Vir says, "This song is an ode to the overweight guys who are very conscious of dancing."

"The group even conducted a nationwide hunt where fans sent us pictures and we even featured a select few in the song's video." he added.

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