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Home News Bollywood Music War over 'Hosanna' continues...

War over 'Hosanna' continues...

By FNN | February 2, 2012, 10:17am IST

War over 'Hosanna' continues...The makers of AR Rahman's song have now filed an online petition to counter the demand for a ban on it

War over 'Hosanna' continues...The battle between the CSF (Christian Social Forum) and the makers of the song Hosanna (from Ekk Deewana Tha) seems to have taken a new turn.

Prateik and Amy Jackson in Ekk Deewana Tha

The forum has been demanding elimination of the word Hosanna from the song, citing that it has hurt religious sentiments of Christians and Jews and had also filed an online petition to pledge support.

However, actor Prateik and the makers of Ek Deewana Tha have now filed a counter petition online to respond to the CSF. Says Prateik, "Hosanna as a song is a huge success in both Tamil and Telugu markets.

It doesn't make any sense for anyone to have a problem when it is recreated in Hindi. So we have decided to protest against this protest.

Our Facebook page has more than one lakh users and we have started an online appeal to respond to the detractors." The forum however has already sent an appeal to the Censor Board and the I&B Ministry to look into the matter.

A R Rahman

Informs Joseph Dias, general secretary, CSF, "We may not have the might or the money to take them to court, but we are continuing with our protest in whatever way possible. We already have around 800 people who have supported the plea online.

If they have launched a counter campaign, let them. We are a minority, but that does not mean what we are asking for is inconsequential. The idea of the petition is to show that sufficient people are hurt."

The Censor Board and the I&B Ministry are yet to respond to either party or comment on the matter. The song however continues to play on radio stations and television.

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