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Home News Bollywood Movies Farah Khan Wears Skirts for her Forthcoming Movie!

Farah Khan Wears Skirts for her Forthcoming Movie!

By FNN | April 30, 2012, 12:03pm IST

Farah Khan Wears Skirts for her Forthcoming Movie!In her forthcoming film where the choreographer-turned-director is making her acting debut, Farah Khan has swapped her trademark tunics and pants for frilly dresses and skirts.

In Pic: Farah Khan on the sets of her forthcoming film

Almost 20 years since Farah last wore a dress, she talks about her sartorial style in this Sanjay Leela Bhansali film. “I stopped wearing dresses long ago. I play a Parsi girl in the film and had to wear stitched blouses with lace collars and long skirts. I have seen all my aunts wearing those dresses. It took me some time to get comfortable in them.”

Speaking about her comfort clothes, Farah says, “I love wearing loose jersey pants. They are not at all flattering but on the sets I have to be in my flip-flops, lose pants and cotton shirts or kurtis. They are most comfortable to run around in.”

What would Farah be not caught dead in? Pat comes the reply, “With my weight, every dress will be objectionable.” But that wasn’t the case always. She adds, “When I was 47 kilos, I used to wear short minis and Sajid (brother, filmmaker Sajid Khan) would be running with a towel to cover me up. He would be like ‘you are not going out of the house in this tiny thing’.”

The blue belle Farah has been time and again spotted in the colour blue. “Blue is my favourite colour and so is red. When I took part in dance competitions, my costume used to be always in blue as it was my lucky colour. Even for my wedding I wore a blue and gold dress,” she adds. 

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