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Home News Bollywood Industry Its A Hattrick... Ishqiya Tere Bin Laden And Faltu

Its A Hattrick... Ishqiya Tere Bin Laden And Faltu

By FNN | April 13, 2011, 5:38pm IST
Ishqiya, Tere Bin Laden, Faltu…what is the common thread in these three films. The first two besides being critical and commercial success at the box office…have been part of acting as consultant in distribution network for the producer in India by Suniel Wadhwa of 52 Weeks Entertainment Inc, Faltu that released on April 1 has opened well at the box office also has the Midas touch of Suniel Wadhwa as a name which to be reckon with in the Entertainment Industry. The guiding philosophy at 52 Weeks Entertainment Inc for selecting film distribution projects has been taking chances with new film concepts, cast and commercial viability which is backed by a strong distribution strategy that in the above case helped the above three films to score at the box office. Lately there has been a lot of chatter about small budget, new concept films doing wonders at the box-office. The phenomenon has even caught Aamir Khan (Peepli Live), Shahrukh Khan’s (Always Kabhi Kabhi) fancy with them placing there bet on smaller films. Ishqiya received great reviews and was appreciated by one and all because of great performances by the three central characters -- Naseeruddin Shah , Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan, and a tight screenplay. A film like Ishqiya with no major star to pull audiences to theaters was the first hit of 2010 grossing Rs. 22 Crore Net Box office for a lifetime business. Similarly TERE BIN LADEN, a strong concept, smart marketing backed by sensible distribution stargety helped the film gross Rs. 9 Crore Net Box Office all over India for its lifetime business. Last week released FALTU opened to 890 screens across India…being a campus film…the distribution was attuned to youth pockets of the city centre’s. The cities were chosen keeping the film demographic and lingo in mind….the film has connected with the youth…key audience for film …predications are the film will is already holding in 2nd Week even with opposition with Thank You and it will enjoy longevity at box office in coming weeks, as it has garner Rs. 21 Crore Net Box Office for 10 Days 52 Weeks Entertainment Inc, a Motion picture distribution organization in India has regaled audiences in 2010 across selected part of circuits as per film trade with memorable films from Bollywood & Hollywood films like Ishqiya ( All India) , Hurt Locker – (Mysore), Inception ( Mysore), I Hate Luv Stories – (Gujarat), Tere Bin Laden – ( All India), Robot – ( CP Berar ), Yamla Pagla Deewana and Patiala House amongst others in circuits like Central Province – Vidharbha, Chattisgarh.

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