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Home News Bollywood Industry "We put together great cast but forget putting great script in place" - Abhinay Deo

"We put together great cast but forget putting great script in place" - Abhinay Deo

By FNN | March 5, 2011, 1:41pm IST
They say, we should learn from our own mistakes. But times have changed. We, (for the moment, I'm talking about our Indian Films) have moved forward. Filmmakers are now learning much more in advance even before they've started their next film's shoot. Take for example, one of India's most talked about director's Abhinay Deo. Almost everyone is talking about this year's Oscars. For good and bad, reasons are plentiful. Baring aside the James Franco act, this year's Oscar winning Best Picture, The King's Speech, was a learning experience for many, including Abhinay. He quotes, "I saw The King's Speech and I'm speechless. There is so much to learn from the West, even though there are a whole lot of bad films being made too. But when we talk about the Oscar winning films this year, and I will talk about The King's Speech, there is such remarkable simplicity attached to it. When that simplicity wins you, you get to see the best. The King's Speech is the best cinema I have seen since ages. Geoffrey Rush is one of my favourite actors. I can't believe the way Tom Hooper, the director has shot it. It's flawless." Flawless cinema at its best huh? But it is. While more than half of the world thinks that the film was about the King who stammers, I think it was a story about a King who found a friend. Absorbing and articulate, The King's Speech was some learning experience, for the King and for Abhinay Deo. The director of Game quotes, "What I'd like to learn is that the script is the heart of the film. This is one thing we as Bollywood lack. We work on projects and not on scripts. We put together a great cast and a great crew but nobody thinks of putting together a great script. The 2001 Oscar winning foreign language film, No Man's Land, is an incredible example to showcase the prowess of a script too." When asked how he feels about his immediate second release Delhi Belly backed by Aamir Khan Productions, he said, "I am really looking forward to Delhi Belly too. I couldn't be happier and luckier at this moment in my life where both my films are about to release. Delhi Belly is something that's going to make a lot of difference to a lot of people." Abhinay, you said it! Whether our films make a difference to a lot of people, time will tell. For now, one thing is certain; this year's Oscar winning films have changed the rules of the 'Game' out here in India. Are our directors and producers listening?

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