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Home News Bollywood Industry Ra. One May Make Diwali Weekend Strongest Again

Ra. One May Make Diwali Weekend Strongest Again

By FNN | March 31, 2011, 10:54pm IST
Diwali weekend was always seen as the best weekend to release a major blockbuster until few years back when Christmas weekend was seen to be the best bet. The Christmas weekend has been giving a blockbuster quite frequently like Welcome in 2007. Ghajini in 2008 and Three Idiots in 2009 while Diwali has only Golmaal 3 as a blockbuster over last few years. Last year Tees Maar Khan may not have been a big blockbuster on Christmas but released on another week it may not have even crossed the 30 crore distributor share mark. A major reason for this is that makers have always seen Diwali weekend as a weekend that can easily accommodate more than one film so you have Diwali seeing multiple releases. We can judge Diwali release by the combined business of releases but it is always likely only one release will score and others not doing much business. This year could be different as Ra.One is likely to be the only major release on Diwali and this has not happened in a very long time. Infact its hard to even remember a solo diwali release. Hopefully Ra.One has content with universal appeal and can show how big business can be on Diwali.

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