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Home News Bollywood Industry Vipul to do sequel to Namastey London

Vipul to do sequel to Namastey London

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 3:51pm IST
Following the debacle of Action Replayy, director-producer Vipul Shah is planning to revive the story of Jazz and Arjun in a sequel of Namastey London. The 2007 hit romantic comedy drama was about a Punjabi boy (Akshay Kumar) wooing and winning over a stuck-up British-Asian girl (Katrina Kaif) . "We are in the process of scripting. Akshay was keen to do a sequel to this film. He felt that the story has the potential to be carried forward. I am happy that we are doing it," Vipul said. Asked if the sequel will have the original stars, he said, "We will finalise the actors once we are done with the script."

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