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Home News Bollywood Industry Amit Sadh's BOY NEXT DOOR looks bag him a new film

Amit Sadh's BOY NEXT DOOR looks bag him a new film

By FNN | March 8, 2013, 12:08pm IST

Close on the heels of his debut Bollywood film Kai Po Che hitting the marquee, looks like the happy times are here to stay for Amit Sadh.

Sources say the actor has bagged another film with the same production house. Confirming the buzz, Manish Hariprasad from the company states, "We are very happy to sign him, as we know that this is a talent that will go far."

The honchos have been discussing scripts with the actor and will be finalising the details soon.

Apparently, Amit's boy-next-door looks helped him clinch the project.

Our source says, "It will be a step forward in taking his boyish appeal to an even wider section of the society."

Interestingly there was also buzz about the actor being signed by David Dhawan for a project so-starring Varun Dhawan.

However, Amit denies any knowledge about the two projects.

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