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Home News Bollywood Industry Nana's son gives up acting aspirations to assist Ramu in direction of '26/11'

Nana's son gives up acting aspirations to assist Ramu in direction of '26/11'

By FNN | February 25, 2012, 10:05pm IST
Contrary to reports that Nana Patekar's son Malhar is being launched as an actor in Ram Gopal Varma's proposed film on the 26/11 attacks, the young Patekar has decided to give up his acting aspirations, at least for now.

As late as two months ago Ramu offered Malhar a chance to make his acting debut in the sequel to Ab Tak Chappan which Nana is directing. Nana vetoed the idea. Malhar will now be assisting Ram Gopal Varma in the direction of his film based on the 26/11 attacks.

A very close friend of Malhar says, "He's very shy and until very recently has been very unsure of what he wants to do with his life. He doesn't even like to be photographed, so I don't know if he ever thought of facing the camera. Malhar has always been interested in cinema. But until some years ago he couldn't muster the courage to tell his father he wanted to be part of the movie making industry. There was a kind of distance between them."

In 2009 Malhar mustered the courage to tell his father he wanted to act. Nana Patekar decided to direct another film after 20 years to launch his son. Prakash Jha agreed to produce the film. But then Jha and Patekar had a fall-out. And nothing was heard of Malhar's acting debut.

Until recently when there was talk of Malhar playing his father's son in the sequel to Ab Tak Chappan. However, now the boy has finally resolved to stay behind the camera. He will be assisting Ramu in the 26/11 film.

Says a source, "Once it was decided that Malhar wanted to learn direction and not go into acting Malhar had the option of assisting his father in the Ab Tak Chappan sequel. But Nana immediately shot the idea down. He rightly assumed his son would be too awed by and nervous of his father's presence. Nana suggested it'd be better if he assisted Ramu. That's how Malhar got into assisting Ramu for 26/11."

Confirming Malhar Patekar's resolve to assist him Ram Gopal Varma says, "That's right. Nana's son is assisting me in the direction department of my film on the 26/11 attacks. That's what both he and Nana want."

Adds Malhar, "Yes, I will be assisting Ramuji in the 26/11 film. I think this is the best way to learn filmmaking. As for acting I don't know what the future holds for me. At the moment I want to learn every aspect of filmmaking from direction to editing."

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