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Some Hope For Exhibitors This Week

By FNN | March 12, 2011, 10:37am IST
There are falling footfalls at cinemas all over due the lull period due to the Cricket World Cup but there is hope this week in the form of the Hollywood release World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles and its dubbed Hindi version Antariksh Ka Akraman. The genre of the film offers hope as 2012 (Pralaay Ki Shuruaat, Hindi) released in 2009 was a similar film and is the only dubbed film to do well on an all India basis. The Hindi version alone collected nearly 29 crore nett from just 400 prints. Exhibitors will hoping for a good week or two run from this film which will compensate to a limit the lack of Hindi releases World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles is the only hope in March for exhibitors to have some decent collections.

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