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Home News Bollywood Daily Over confident Irrfan gets intro trouble?

Over confident Irrfan gets intro trouble?

By FNN | March 31, 2011, 6:50pm IST
There is something about Irrfan Khan and his various ways with women. After playing a hopeless lover (Yeh Saali Zindagi) and a sadist wife beater (7 Khoon Maaf), Irrfan is donning a new role for his next film Thank You. In this Anees Bazmee directed comedy around infidelity, Irrfan is playing a middle aged womaniser who believes that he knows women in and out and can have a way with them as and when he desires. "In the film, Irrfan's takia-kalaam is - 'Jitna auraton ko main jaanta hoon aur koyi nahi jaanta' (no one can read women beater than me)", informs a friend of Irrfan, "He is over confident about this trait of his and this is what eventually leads to trouble in his marital paradise." The trouble here is in the form of Rimi Sen who plays his on-screen wife. While Irrfan tries to Mr. Know All, it is Rimi who he can never understand. "And one fine day when he understands what his wife is all about, uske pairon tale zameen khisak jaati hai (he is totally taken aback)", laughs the source, "Along with other male leads in the film (Bobby Deol, Suniel Shetty), he too gets into trouble. The difference here being that he was one amongst the trio who never ever thought that he could ever be caught in the act." For Irrfan too this is a unique experience because Thank You is the first time ever when he has let his guards down and acted in an out and out commercial comedy. Add to that the fact that he is shown to be quite a colourful personality further excited him to go all out for Thank You. Says director Anees Bazmee, "Even when everything around him is loud, Irrfan is so calm and subtle but still gets humour on in his own way. It is his over confidence about women that leads to so many tricky situations. After this film, Irrfan would be seen in an altogether different personality." Well, as long as this personality is better than the one in saw in 7 Khoon Maaf, we won't mind Irrfan.

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