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Home News Bollywood Daily Zarina Wahab is the B-Town maa currently in demand

Zarina Wahab is the B-Town maa currently in demand

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 4:15pm IST
She played Shah Rukh Khan's mother in My Name is Khan and Vivek Oberoi's mom in Rakta Charitra. Zarina Wahab gets into maa mode yet again for the Agneepath remake, where she plays Hrithik Roshan's momma. And later this year, she plays John Abraham's amma in Kapil Sharma's yet untitled film. "I think I am the correct age to play a mother," muses Wahab, adding, "Karan Johar was really sweet to work with in My Name Is Khan. And the reason I did Agneepath is because of my association with him. He made me extremely comfortable." Is she eager to take on more such roles? "Not at the moment. I have my hands full. So there's no time to take on extra work. But I look at this as a new beginning and am happy with the kind of work coming my way."

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