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Home News Bollywood Daily Hrithik's charms rub off on saasu maa

Hrithik's charms rub off on saasu maa

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 3:46pm IST
Leaves Silver screen's most dreaded mother-in-law teary eyed with his gentlemanly act during an awards function When Hrithik Roshan turns on the charm not even the strictest of schoolmarms and saasu maas can resist! At a recent awards event when he met television's strictest mother-in-law aka Kokilaben from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya he reduced the actress to a gushing woman when he went down on his knees to ask her to dance with him in front of a huge audience. Says a source, "Hrithik, who is one of the judges on the reality show Just Dance for the channel, charmed the leading ladies of television in Macau. The surprise act was when he spontaneously went down on his knees while performing at the show. "Everyone was shocked when Hrithik went down on his knees to propose to Kokilaben, (played by Rupal Patel) who plays the most dreaded saasu maa. Rupal was red with embarrassment. Not just that, he gave her a jaadoo ki jhappi and that's when Rupal broke down in tears." Sasu maa's reaction Rupal Patel said that this would be the most cherished moment in her life. She adds, "When Hrithik called out for me from stage, I initially looked around to make sure if it was me who he was asking for. I was shocked when he went down on his knees and requested me to join him. He is a wonderful human being." However, there was a moment when Rupal was terrified. "Hrithik is a fantastic dancer and I was worried how I would match steps with him but he made me very comfortable and I loved dancing with India's best dancer. I was absolutely honoured to share the stage with Hrithik. It will always be the most cherished moment of my life."

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