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Home News Bollywood Daily Shahid: Please forgive me!

Shahid: Please forgive me!

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 3:19pm IST
Shahid Kapoor has been trying to get back into PC's good books.... unsuccessfully, so far PS: Maybe an apology would work? Shahid Kapoor is going all out to woo Priyanka Chopra back into his arms, confirm sources. In fact, when she returned on Friday from her Don 2 shoot in Malaysia, he kept bombarding her with 'miss you' and 'let's work it out' SMSes. Her absence from his birthday party (on February 25) has affected him to such an extent that he's been sending her flowers and texting her constantly. Says a source close to the couple, "Their constant fights and arguments led to the break up. She didn't want to be in town during his birthday. That's why she planned her US holiday around the same time. Hence she traveled with friends who didn't have any connection to the industry. After that she took off for Malaysia to join the Don 2 unit. It was important for her to take a clean break from her guy." Shahid, however, hasn't taken the split as well. Realizing he is at fault, he's even ready to apologize. But PC is in no mood to forgive just yet. The source confirms, "When she's in love, there's no holding back. With Shahid, she decided to go that extra mile and make it work. That said, this hasn't been their first break up, but it's definitely the most painful. At the moment, she's not responding to his calls or messages. But common friends are trying to get them back together." Who knows? Maybe this on-off Jodi will have one more go at it!

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