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RIP Sarabjit Singh, says Bollywood

By Mid-Day | May 2, 2013, 12:40pm IST
Summary: As Sarabjit Singh breathes his last in Pakistan, B-town took to twitter to express their grief. Here's what they said.

Salman Khan: Freedom at last. Hope they give him (his body) to his family. We all tried, guess not hard enough. May god give his family strength and his soul rest in peace.

Farhan Akhtar: With Sarabjit's death, Pakistan has painted itself a heartless villain, even in the most forgiving Indian's eye. Unforgettable insensitivity. RIP.

Javed Akhtar: Some day I may forget Kargil but will never forget Sarabjit's murder. It is an act of extreme meanness by a very petty minded establishment.

Mahesh Bhatt: Sarabjit Singh's death has pushed the Indo- Pak relationship to the brink. The Pak civil society needs to push their govt to act humanly!

Jackky Bhagnani: RIP Sarabjit Singh. It's shameful such a incident can even happen.

Sanjay Gupta: My outburst last night was an instant reaction against the cowards that killed Sarabjit and not their country. Prayers, best wishes and blessings for Sarabjit's family. Please be strong, your son is a martyr.

Madhur Bhandarkar: Pakistan should've sent his body earlier to India. Feel sad for Sarabjit Singh's family. For them the long wait has come to a sad end. His death will always be a reminder of petty minded politics. RIP Sarabjit Singh.

Sophie Choudry: RIP Sarabjit Singh. Strength, prayers and condolences to the family. Hate may have killed him but red tape let him die.

Kunal Kohli: Dear Sarabjit's family, like the family of Nirbhaya, the beheaded solider, the 5 year old raped girl, your son too will not get justice.

Punit Malhotra: Woken up to the sad news of Sarbajit passing away. Angry yet again about the way our government handled the situation.

Kabir Bedi: Mourn the tragic death of Sarabjit Singh. 22 years of prison is a travesty of Pakistan's own laws: all convicts free after 14 years.

Suchitra Krishnamoorthy: Sarabjit Singh, what a tragic story, what a horrific end. And what a difference in the way Qasab was treated in our jails like a VIP.

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